Singing a different ‘Toon…

The home base for the Portland Winter Hawks has shifted a bit North as we relocated from Moose Jaw to Saskatoon for the next few days (through Thursday) as the Hawks prepare to take on the Prince Albert Raiders on Tuesday and the Saskatoon Blades on Wednesday.  A couple off-days on the road are nice, and the team will practice tomorrow to get ready for the Raiders.

Even though it wasn’t a victory last night, it was apparant that the team was feeling a little better about themselves after potting four goals last night in Moose Jaw.  There is some offensive talent on this team, but it hasn’t really shown itself yet.

There were a number of assist additions and changes that I submitted to the league early this morning, so the gamesheet should change tomorrow.  Our three third period goals should read:

Valchar from Reddin and Rutkowksi

Ross from Ponich and S. Gabriel

Ross from Morrow and Kerr

Credit to Killian Hutt for not only scoring his first WHL career goal but for going to the referee to let him know that the second assist on Ross’ first goal was really Gabriel’s and not his own. 

It was rough night for the official scorer last night (see above) and also the shot clock operator.  I got on them during my broadcast for inaccuracies in the shot count and I was vindicated when I found out the the Hawks scratched players had the shot count at 33-32 Moose Jaw instead of 34-24 as the shot clock indicated.

I realize that it is volunteers doing this work, but if it isn’t accurate, why keep track at all?  And this isn’t a problem just in Moose Jaw…it is all over the league, including Portland on some nights.

Here is the other photo of Ken Hodge from the walls of the Moose Jaw Civic Centre.  Got to love the uniform, eh?  Once a Hawk, always a Hawk.

This is from the 1966-67 season, when Hodge was Team Captain and a top defenseman for the Moose Jaw squad.






The game in Prince Albert will be a homecoming of sorts for Assistant Coach Brian Pellerin, who played his junior hockey for the Raiders.

I tell you, the weather on this trip has been so much better than last January in Alberta.  Temperatures around 50 degrees with sunny skies and a slight breeze.

Now, if Saskatchewan can just do something about the roads…yikes…

The Hawks are hoping to get forward Ryan Andersen into the line-up on Tuesday as his 45 day injured reserve time is up and his shoulder is ready to go.  Adding another forward to the line-up would be nice as it appears that, for the time being, overager Blair Macaulay won’t be joining the Hawks. 

Thats it for now…more later this week from Saskatoon…



  1. I had to work shots when I volunteered for the Ft Vancouver Pioneers games and often was alot closer than the scorers table in numbers.

    Part of the problem is that the goal judges should record the shots to pass onto the score table as they have a birds eye view and is alot tougher from 100 ft away to see if there was actually a SOG.

    Why is it that the SOG aren’t counted by the goal judges who are already there to watch to if a goal was scored if a shot was actually taken?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. I was unable to listen to the pre-game or the game last night and am wondering why Blair Macauly wont be joining the Hawks? Thanks for the info-Katie

  3. Hey Andy-

    Just a curiosity question here…. The topic of mileage traveled came up on the White Board the other day… people were tossing around miles traveled by different teams this year… I was curious if you have an in-the-ballpark guess of how many miles the boys are putting in this month?

    As an side, too bad to hear about the latest wave of no-shows/defectors from the team. I wish players/parents/agents would see the opportunities in playing for a struggling team as opposed to just the drawbacks. Ah well… such is the times we are a-living in, I suppose.

    Keep up the good work, thanks for keeping us updated throught the trip! Safe travels to you and the boys!

  4. With players choosing to decline the opportunity with the Winterhawks team, some Portland fans need to keep in mind the amount these kids have invested in their futures, as well. Bad news has been coming out of Portland for several years now and while certainly some of it is rumors, one can’t help but think there is some truth in it. If Portland was a good opportunity for these kids I’m sure you wouldn’t see the number making the choices they’re making. Sure a player or two declining would be more easily accepted, but it has been quite a few players over the last few years so it is much harder to fault the kids entirely. Portland was a great franchise once and I’m sure will be again, soon. But get your new ownership in place, straighten out your franchise, and lighten up on kids who want nothing more than a reasonable chance to show what they can do.

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