Dan in the comments section asked:

I was curious if you have an in-the-ballpark guess of how many miles the boys are putting in this month?

For just this trip, the Hawks are travelling the following:

Portland to Spokane — 352 miles

Spokane to Moose Jaw — 724 miles

Moose Jaw to Brandon — 267 miles

Brandon to Moose Jaw — 267 miles

Moose Jaw to Saskatoon — 140 miles

Saskatoon to Prince Albert — 87 miles

Prince Albert to Saskatoon — 87 miles

Saskatoon to Regina — 160 miles

Regina to Swift Current — 152 miles

Swift Current to Portland — 1121 miles

Total — 3357 miles

Thats a lot of time on the iron lung…but so far, I think it has been a positive bonding experience for the players.



  1. The Hawks have a new bus this season since the previous company folded, right? I noticed an actual personalized bus at the Kent preseason game that had the Hawks logo on it. Someone on the forum was talking about getting a new team bus, and I just wanted to see if they really had or not. I’ll bet it’s not like that new Kelowna bus, though. That things sounds awesome.

  2. Wow…..

    That sounds like a hell of a trip…. Hopefully like you said, it can provide for good bonding as a team…. They probably haven’t (or are likely to again this year) spent so much time together in one shot.

    While it looks like wins are going to be tough to come by, hopefully this can be the road (pardon the pun) to improvement, and things can come a little easier.

    Good luck, fellas. Give ’em hell!

  3. “I think it has been a positive bonding experience for the players.”

    I attended the game against Moose Jaw last Saturday. The WH aren’t a very good team. It may be a talent issue, or it may be coaching. The dysfunction in the ownership of the team I am sure has some effect on the players as well.

    Even though the WH lost, my girlfriend and I were cheering loudly for them throughout the game (and no, we did not get beer poured on us for cheering against the other team lol). We are Pats fans but follow the league very closely. We couldn’t help but feel bad for what is going on with the WH. Every time they scored, we noticed the players were jumping on each other all happy (you’d almost think they had just scored the winning goal in the Memorial Cup!). Great bonding experience? Absolutely! Does the future look bright for the team? For sure. Let’s see the Marian Hossa glory days return to Portland, and I am sure that will happen within a few years.

    Come Friday when the WH plays Regina, We’ll be cheering — for both teams :)

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