Wednesday Update…

All is quiet here in Spokane…the team arrived last night and they just finished breakfast and are headed to the Spokane Arena for a game-day skate.

There was one small roster move made yesterday, the Hawks released 19 year old Cody Rainaldi and he has returned home to BC to comtemplate his hockey future.

Riley Boychuk is going to skate this morning to see if his sore back can go tonight against the Chiefs.

I’ll have game notes up later today…



  1. Andy,

    Any insight on WHY they would obtain and then release Cody Rainaldi in a week? (Especially when he practiced well and didn’t have a chance to be on the ice during an actual game?)

    Just seems odd; even if they soon to be owners were calling the shots on things. Cody had zero on/off the ice problems and it sounds as though the coaching staff really liked him too.

  2. While I don’t have the full details, it is hard for a 19 year old to make it as a rookie in the WHL. Teams want their younger players to play and develop and if it is a choice between playing a 16-17 year old vs. a 19 year old, if there isn’t a significant upgrade with the 19 year old, teams most likely go with the younger player.

    Having not seen Rainaldi play, or even practice, I can’t comment on his play specifically.

  3. i called that. thank you

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