Hawks Release White…

Prior to the game last night vs. Seattle, the Portland Winter Hawks released 20 year old goaltender Jordan White.

The move gets Portland down to two goaltenders and two overage players on their active roster.

On a personal note, I want to wish Whitey the best and say that is was a joy to be around him the past two seasons.  I will miss his never-ending smile and personality a bunch.

White joins a long list of goaltenders from last season in the WHL who are no longer in the league – Torrie Jung (Kelowna), Matt Esposito (Chilliwack), Kraymer Barnstable (Vancouver), Joe Caligiuri (Brandon), Kyle Birch (Tri City/Moose Jaw).


  1. White is a good kid, and I hope him the best.

    Hopefully this means a spot for an overage forward – we certainly could use one….

  2. Kind of makes me wonder what these owners are thinking sometimes.

    You get rid of the goalie who is actually playing decent between the pipes and keep a guy who gave up 6, at LEAST 2 of which were very soft goals…

    oh yah, but he has a fan favorite, so there is that I guess.

    I would have traded Mukes to a contender and possibly take a chance on getting a decent 18-19 year old scoring forward rather then drop a 20 year old spot and get an overage forward THIS year for a team who will be lucky to win 15 games…


  3. I will take 15 wins, they might be lucky to hit double digits in wins this year, The Hawks were between a rock and hard place about what to do between White and Mucha. Trade Mucha for young talent which in return won’t be great talent, or release White and stick with Mucha for the remainder of the season.

    If I had a vote, which I do not, the hawks did the right thing. White is a short term answer to a LONG term problem. The hawks will go with Mucha and Hamilton, then trade Mucha before the deadline similiar to Steve Passmore deal with the Cougars and Blazers years ago. Hamilton is the future, the Hawks are on a similiar path as the Spokane Chiefs were on a couple years ago. Let Hamilton be the goalie with this group of players.

    Of course, I also DO NOT think the Hawks are a few years away like the Chiefs a few years ago.

    Best of luck Jordy, I remember your performance last season against Chilliwack. thank you

  4. and the merry go round is picking up speed and when it will
    stop only time will tell. hopefully wednesday.

  5. Good luck to ya Jordy,

    Your 68 save performance last year was a great moment that will live on in Hawk goalie history.


  6. I had the pleasuyre of meeting this young man a couple of times, and Andy’s description of his smile and personality are right on. I predict a bright future for him, in or out of hockey. Good luck kik.

  7. In our house White is known as “Smiley”! We had many chances to speak to him and have always found him to be a great young man! My youngest daughter cried when she heard the news and summed it up best. “Who will be smiley now?” Good luck Smiley wherever you end up! You will be greatly missed in Portland for many reasons!

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