NHL Starting Up…

With the NHL getting going full-bore in North America tonight, I thought I would update which former Hawks are still on active NHL rosters as the season gets under way…here is a list:

Andrew Ference – Boston Bruins

Paul Gaustad – Buffalo Sabres (currently injured)

Matt Walker – Chicago Blackhawks

Cody McLeod – Colorado Avalanche

Brenden Morrow – Dallas Stars

Marian Hossa – Detroit Red Wings

Richard Zednik – Florida Panthers

Jason LaBarbera – Los Angeles Kings

Scott Nichol – Nashville Predators

Brandon Dubinsky – New York Rangers

Braydon Coburn – Philadelphia Flyers

Jannik Hansen – Vancouver Canucks

Notably missing for the first time since the fall of 1987 is D-man Glen Wesley, who retired from the Carolina Hurricanes after 1457 NHL games and 20 years in the NHL.  Wesley is now part of the player development team for the Hurricanes.

You can watch Marian Hossa make his regular season debut as a Red Wing tonight on Versus as the Wings host the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Game time is at 4:00 Pacific time.  After that, you can watch Ference and the Bruins take on McLeod at the Avalanche at 7:00, also on Versus.

I believe that the NHL Center Ice package is having their free preview to start the season as well, so you could watch other games provided you have Digital Cable from Comcast or one of the satellite providers.

That’s it for now…


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  1. Congrats to Glen Wesley for an OUTSTANDING NHL career. It will be strange not seeing him on the ice this year. Good luck and thank you

    I remember watching him in the mid 80’s. great player, and the Winterhawks had some great teams too.

    Glen Wesley, Jeff Finley, Jim Agnew, and a couple of young players by the name of Dennis Holland and Troy Mick.

    Thank you Mr. Wesley

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