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Andy Potter wrote:

At some point the Hawks are going to need to find a first line scoring forward, a sniper.

They have found one, but unfortunately Ty Rattie can’t join the team full time until next season.

I don’t think anyone is expecting Cody Rainaldi to be the next Lonny Bohonos or Rob Klinkhammer.  What he brings to team is still to be determined, but his reputation is  a skilled player with good offensive instincts – something the Hawks could use after scoring only 3 goals in 5 games.

Andy P. also talks about making an “impact trade”.  Ok, armchair GM’s…what would be an impact trade?

Would you move a young player like Brad Ross, Killian Hutt, Taylor Peters or Troy Rutkowski to garner another offensive player?

What about Brett Ponich, Travis Ehrhardt or Kurtis Mucha?

But lets be clear about one thing…there are very few true “snipers” in the WHL right now…and I don’t think that Regina would move Jordan Eberle, or Spokane trading Drayson Bowman…same in Kelowna with Jamie Benn or in Brandon with Braydon Schenn.

Certainly you can look at the “impact” trades that the Hawks made last year and second guess if it was wise to move Colton Sceviour to Lethbridge – although the trade to get Ehrhardt from Moose Jaw looks better and better now that Frazer McLaren has graduated and Ty Ariss has been released.

Sure, right now the power play is dismal, but our best power play quarterback has played a grand total of 39 minutes in 5 games.  The Hawks are generating more opportunities than last year, but don’t really have anything to show for it.

This team will score some goals…but it will have to come from hard work and determination rather than one-on-one play which has happened too much early in the season.  Part of the problem with a struggling offense is that players often times try to do too much on their own.  They need to trust their teammates to make the right play and do their own jobs…the rest will come.

After the game in Vancouver, as I was tearing down the gear, Giants Coach Don Hay passed by and I made a comment to him that his offense was really rolling.  He responded by saying that “I don’t worry too much about offense, if you work hard enough as a team, the offense will come.” 

Right now, the individual play for the Hawks needs to turn into team play and I believe that will happen.

It has to…


  1. When Don Hay talks, people should listen.

  2. AK, you are right, it is easy to sit back and be the arm chair GM. I do it all the time, but it is also frustrating to see the Hawks struggling so badly on the offensive end of the ice. I agree that the power play will get better once the real group that should be on the PP are back on the ice working together. In terms of the trades, guess I would rather keep the draft picks if the team is going to build through the draft, instead of getting players that may or may not make it in the WHL. Would I trade anyone of the players you list, maybe. The idea that Portland or anyone is going to get talent without giving up talent is silly. Yes the trades last year were big. Portland got some very good players. Maybe the idea that personal agendas need to be put aside and a commitment to the team needs to happen is what will get Portland going. Someone in the locker room needs to make that happen.

    At the end of the day, Portland has acquired three players since the start of the season. All three were low impact players on their old team, if they were even in the WHL. Portland fan seems to always think that these guys are going to be the savior of the Hawks, and my point is that if they were playing low minutes or not at all, you can not expect them to come to Portland be “the guy”. We would have to give up a lot to get an player to be “the guy”. As you say, not a lot of snipers in the WHL and I do not believe any of them are available at this point anyway.

    I also agree that the sniper of the future is Ty Rattie. He will be an impact player, I also believe that Brad Ross and Taylor Peters will be impact players in their own right. So, I say stay the course, keep the young guys playing together, this team will be better then the last two years.

    Keep us honest AK…


  3. While the talent-for-talent equation holds up, it hasn’t been that long since we saw the Rob Klinkhammer show play out. Sometimes it amazes me how simply getting ice time can transform a guy into something else entirely.

    Cam Neely was a bust in Vancouver, remember? We know how the change in scenery did for him in Boston. Everyone loves the stories of the Kurt Warners & Tom Bradys of the world. Its only natural to hope that each new ‘Hawk is the next Ben Roethlisberger.

    Glass half full all the time.


  4. AK, you asked in your post about what I would see as an impact trade. Well, I have been thinking this one over and it makes a bit of sense for both teams, and may actually be something that could happen.

    Kurtis Mucha for Kyle Beach

    I know that giving up Mucha would be huge, but getting a talent like Beach would be huge too. The question for Portland is, can Jordan White be a number 1 goalie, play 50 to 55 games and not wear down, and can Keith Hamilton play 20 to 25 games as a 16 year old? The other question is, who can keep Beach in line on the Portland roster or in the front office, coaching staff. Beach is a character, and you would be giving up a huge good character guy, for a potential locker room headache. Would a guy like Beach come into Portland and cause too many off ice issues, or would he become a positive locker room influence, there is no arguing his on ice skill and talent.

    Barrie and Simpson seem to be doing ok in Everett now, so possible they would not be interested in a talent like Kurtis, but you asked for an impact trade, and this one might be able to work.


  5. giving up Mucha in a trade would be the best especially for a
    team that may make a run in the playoffs and who may need
    goaltending help. White/Hamilton can (will) be a good tandem
    for this team.

  6. I actually think the hawks have enough scoring talent on their roster to be competetive, they just need mature linemates to show them the way. The hawks would do well to acquire players who fight hard on the boards for pucks, can win pucks, can keep the puck in the zone, get the puck out of the defensive zone, essentially “grease players” to keep the game moving.

    I really like the hawks defense, I like a lot of the talent up front, there is just that missing dynamic of really top notch “team guys” who do the dirty work that doesn’t show up in the score sheet. I also think of guys like underschute, dietrich, klinkhammer, guys who can score goals as overagers and be examples for the younger players. I don’t think its too far off to consider it a possibility of getting an impact player for free this year with how many 20 year olds have been released and will be released at the deadline.

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