Ehrhardt New Captain…

The Portland Winter Hawks held a team vote today to determine the Captain and Alternate Captains for 2008-09…the results are:

Captain – 19 year old Travis Ehrhardt

Alternate – 20 year old Scott Gabriel

Alternate – 20 year old Matt Schmermund

Alternate – 19 year old Ryan Kerr

Ehrhardt will have to wait until next Friday to make his debut as Team Captain as he has one more game to sit out for his two game suspension for his hit on Matt Ius in Everett on 9/26.

The Hawks also released 18 year old D-man Lee Morrow on Thursday.



  1. Sounds about right. Congrats to all.

  2. Sounds great to me, i am a little suprised with Ryan Kerr as an alternative, because of all the missed games last season. But this a great feather in the cap for Travis.

  3. I have a question for all you out there: does the Meet the hawks section of the website work on your computer? Is does not on mine, and I think it is a little bizarre, the season is 2 weeks old, and I can not meet the players yet.

    Maybe a little meet the players along with some news the season has actually started, might result in a few more fannies in the seats at the Glass Palace. Unless management enjoys averaging 2700 fans a night,

    I don’t like watching Winterhawks hockey with so many empty blue seats, it reminds me of the old days when high school basketball was played there, or my favorite ABL womens basketball league.

    the Glass Palace feeds off electricty from the fans, its the best place to watch a game, when there is 7500 fans screaming! enjoying Hockey. Portland need to take that sign down” Welcome to Hawkeytown” if we can only get 2700 fans o see a game. Just my opinion…..

    Other Thoughts would be great to hear including yours Andy and Mayor.

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