Kelowna/Portland Game Highlights…

As promised…




  1. Hello Hockey fans:

    Nice to see some good entertaining hockey this past week end. This years club has an attitude which I think we all can agree on was missing from last year club.

    Random Thoughts:

  2. Random Thoughts:

    – Nice to see Jordy get in the “W” column early this year. He played well last year and never could catch a break

    – Reddin and Ross might be a good duo this year. expect good things this year.

    – The Ponich fight( if you want to call it a fight ) was a little slow to develop. I thought the refs could of stopped that before Brett hurt his hand on the chumps face.

    – Lets go FANS! lets get in those seats. 3236 for opening night and followed up with 1823 …. thats embarassing. The Duck game was over. Beavers did not play and the Viks were out of town. LETS SUPPORT !! lets show why this is HAWKEYTOWN

    Later: Andy Happy travels


  3. Great to see some highlights, thanks. Missed the game due to a concert.

    Go Hawks!

  4. Thank you for the youtube highlights. I’m hoping for this to be a regular feature…

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