Tuesday Update…

I confirmed with Innes Mackie yesterday that there will be some number changes for a few players from the preseason numbers that they wore… the changes are:

Scott Gabriel will switch from #5 to #22.

Joe Morrow will switch from #16 to #5.

Ryan Andersen will switch from #28 to #16.

Stefan Schneider will wear #28.

David Watt will wear the #36 he wore last season.

I know that they are working to get the roster and profile sections done at www.winterhawks.com and they should be ready to go very soon.

Through 2 games with the Detroit Red Wings at the Traverse City Tournament, Travis Ehrhardt is pointless with 2 PIM’s, a +1 rating with 4 shots on goal.

Kurtis Mucha and the Phoenix Coyotes rookies will take on the Los Angeles Kings rookies tonight and Wednesday in Arizona.  Mucha will start tonight for the Coyotes and is scheduled to play the entire game.  There will be live streaming of the game tonight available at http://coyotes.nhl.com/.

It will be interesting to get the thoughts of both Ehrhardt and Mucha once they return to Portland and I’ll do that with some interviews for radio broadcasts early in the season.

Speaking of radio broadcasts, it should be noted that there will be a change in how folks listen to games on the Internet for this season.  In years past, you had to click onto the DSL Northwest site to access the game, now the streaming will be provided via the KKAD website.

To listen via the web, go to www.1550kkad.com and click on “Listen Live”.  The broadcast links on www.winterhawks.com have been updated.

We are working on how to make podcasts available for the games this year, like in years past, but that may not be ready for this opening weekend.

Also, thanks to DSL Northwest, I have got a hard drive archive of every game that was broadcast from 2000-2008.  I am going to use this for broadcasts this season as a new feature called “this day in Hawks history”.  I’ve already got some great highlights for the first two nights – featuring Dean “Scooter” Vrooman and Ron Ross.

This should be a fun feature throughout the season.

This week can’t go fast enough…lets drop the puck, already!



  1. I miss Scooter! Keep up the good work Andy! I can’t wait for a great season!

  2. Hey Andy,

    Was wondering if you had any info on some of the O/A’s from around the league that I haven’t seen on the camp or season rosters for their last year team. The list of players is as follows last years team in parenthesis:

    Ryan Depape (Regina)
    Josh Elder (Regina)
    Kirt Hill (Regina)
    Curtis Kelner (Spokane)
    Zack Smith (Swift Current)
    J-P Szaszkiewicz (Edmonton)
    Paul MacDonald (Lethbridge)

    And of those players that have been dropped can we not add them until after the last day to drop O/A or can we sign them right now if their rights have been released? Also any other names of O/A from the league last year that are not on current rosters that you know of and would like to add to the list would be nice too. Thanks in advance for letting me know.

  3. OA info…

    DePape – Released by Regina – Free Agent – Currently with Vernon of BCHL
    Elder – Released by Regina – Free Agent – Currently in SJHL
    Hill – Broken Thumb – on Regina’s Injured List
    Kelner – Attending College
    Smith – Signed by Ottawa Senators
    Szaszkiewicz – Attending College
    MacDonald – ???

  4. Andy,

    Any word on T. Swystun?-Trade? Replace?

    Would we wait for overage deadline to see if anyone gets let go that we could pick up?

    What is Happening to our European Pick?
    Is he coming to Portland?

    Thanks for your hard work.

  5. Who aloud Gabes to wear the sacred #22 jersey? From Vik the brick to Underschute the dangler…to Gabriel the meathead?? that just doesn’t sound right to me ;) haha

  6. http://coyotes.nhl.com/team/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=382306

    Looks as though Mucha has an invitation to the Coyotes camp.. Will this put Hamilton in goal for the season opener? Any thoughts on what this will mean for the Hawks?

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