Weekend Wrap…

It was nice to take yesterday and do nothing (other than watching a bit of golf and the Cubbies game on WGN) after a busy weekend in Everett…a few thoughts:

– I thought that the Winter Hawks got better in each game, but still had a tendency to start slowly in all three.  There needs to be a sense of urgency coming out of the gate and to not wait until you’re down a goal or two before you start skating.

– From looking at the scoring summaries from the preseason games this weekend, you’d have to think that both Portland and Medicine Hat are happy with the trade that sent Tristan King to the Hat for Killian Hutt.  Hutt put up 3-1-4 in three games this weekend for Portland while King had 2-1-3 in two games for the Tigers.

– From watching the other 1993 born players this weekend from the other teams, I was very impressed with both Ty Rattie and Tyler Wotherspoon for the Hawks.  Rattie equalled Hutt’s output with 3-1-4 in the three games and Wotherspoon showed great poise in the two games he played.  Both players returned home after the weekend and I am looking forward to seeing both in a Hawks sweater next year.

– Injured Hawk forward Jason Grecica was in Everett to watch his teammates play and he returned home to BC after the game on Sunday to have another arthroscopic knee procedure on Friday, the 5th.  He is expected to be in Portland at the end of September. 

– I haven’t got an update on the condition of David Watt after he was helped off the ice after being ran from behind by  Seattle’s Chance Lund on Sunday.

– Both Jordan White and Keith Hamilton had strong outings in net for Portland while the incumbent #1 Kurtis Mucha struggled a bit.  Right now, I would say that all three will be with the team when the season starts.  The Hawks have a little time to make a decision on the overage situation as the deadline is a bit later this year.  Teams will have until October 16th to get down to the three overage limit.  The date is later due to the NHL starting a week later than normal.

– TMak32 asked why Bryon Maxwell only played on Friday this weekend in Everett and I am not sure.  I didn’t ask Rich Kromm about him specifically when he and I talked on Sunday before the game against Seattle.  Ryan Andersen didn’t take part in the weekend due to an illness.  I believe Andersen will play this weekend in Tri City so they can get a better look at him, but I haven’t seen the roster for this weekend as of yet.

– To me, the player that came back looking like he is ready to step forward and lead this team would be Colin Reddin.  He was dominant with the puck all weekend and also looked very solid in his own zone as well.  His line with Brad Ross and either Hutt or Rattie looked very solid in all three games.  Ross also looked like a veteran this weekend.

– Lastly, it was great to catch up with the hockey media brethren that were in attendance – Bruce and Thom from Seattle, Jon Rosen with the ‘Tips, Nick Patterson from the Everett Herald, Ian Henry with the ‘Birds – the bad jokes were already in mid-season form.

Thats it for now…



  1. I also thought that Joe Morrow when paired with Travis Ehrhardt looked good.

    Travis also looked to me like he was stepping up into more of a leadership roll with this group of players.

  2. Colin Reddin is the real deal – made everyone who played with him look good… All the opponents of the Hawks are glad Rattie can’t play the full season for Portland because of his age – he’s ready to play today. The rule preventing him and other premier 15 year olds from playing in the WHL is silly… if he’s good enough to actually play, let him play…

  3. Hey Andy, thanks for the updates! I was hoping you could post the Tri-City Tournament roster as soon as you have it (if you weren’t planning to do so already). I’ll be in attendance and I’m curious to see whether Francis will be well enough to play, and also whether Mucha and Ehrardt will still be available for pre-season action…

  4. Andy, my wife and I will be going to opening night, which is our 22nd wedding anniversary.
    Also, could you get a note to Scooter that long time fan Darin Thiessen passed away on the 24th of last month. Thanks.

  5. Ty Rattie will lead this team in scoring once he’s able to play a full season. It just won’t be the same watching our Bantam AAA team play without him. He made showing up for work enjoyable.

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