Greetings from Seattle…

No…I didn’t get traded, just up here running a seminar for my real job.  Right now, one of my AE’s is showing the auto-cluster feature in our PCB Design Software.  Believe me, it is a lot more interesting than it sounds!

Last night was my last chance to see the Winter Hawks training camp and I didn’t leave disappointed.  There are a lot of players trying to make their mark and leave an impression with the Hawks Coaching Staff and Scouts.  It is making for some high tempo scrimmages and the play wasn’t near as ragged as it could be for the just second day of on-ice action.

There was a good turn-out of Hawks fans at Mt. View last night and it was great to talk to a lot of you.  The most asked question was “who is #21 for Burgundy?”.  Well, it was none other than former Kamloops Blazer and Everett Silvertip forward Moises Gutierrez.  He is good friends with former Hawk Brandon Dubinsky, who is also in town taking part in the scrimmages.  Gutierrez played mainly for the Texas Wildcatters in the ECHL last season.

As far as the Hawks go, I spent a lot of the night watching a couple guys who were on the Hawks roster last year, but saw little or no time – Riley Boychuk and Brock Cornish.  Both looked solid, even with Boychuk nursing a bruised ankle.  He looks bigger and stronger and he had a couple hard wristers.  He did pick up a goal on a goal mouth scramble, as well.  Cornish has been very good in the times that I have seen him.  He is very confident with the puck and uses his speed well to get in the right position.  He isn’t the biggest guy, but he has been strong in front of his own net.  Both should be guys to watch this season.

On the 1992 front, I have been very impressed with the strong play of Brad Ross.  He is very good on the boards and always seems to come away with the puck in the board battles.  He also scored a nifty breakaway goal, roofing a backhand from the top of the crease.  From talking to his Dad, he spent a lot of time working with former NHL’er Mikko Makela, who was once Head Coach of the Lethbridge Hurricanes, on finishing scoring opportunities. 

Also, Taylor Peters has shown a knack for burying breakaway opportunities, and he isn’t doing anything fancy.  He approaches straight on, and just fires a wrister.  No style points, but if the puck goes in, who cares?  I’ve seen him on two breakways and one penalty shot, and he was three-for-three.

On the back-end, Troy Rutkowski, Joe Morrow and Matt Maleschuk have all shown themselves very well in the times that I’ve seen them.  It is going to make for some very interesting decisions for the Coaching staff on who is still there come opening night.

I heard a lot of people questioning why the Hawks traded Tristan King for Killian Hutt.  Well…so far, Hutt has shown why.  I liked King a lot, but King very rarely got to the front of the net, choosing to stay on the perimeter of the play.  Hutt has made a living in the past two days at the front of the net and he has shown the scoring touch when he is there.  Hutt is small in stature, but big in talent. 

Lastly, coming into camp, I knew very little about the Hawks goaltenders (other than Kurtis Mucha, Jordan White and Keith Hamilton).   I have been very impressed with Jared Kelly, Richie Hubbell, J.P. Chapman, Zach Perehudoff and Corbin Boes.  They all have different styles, but all have shown tremendous instincts and battle in the crease.

— A couple roster notes:

There were two players that were  on the original roster for the camp that didn’t attend – Anthony Petruzzelli and Scott Schwartzman. 

Also, for Team Burgundy, if you have the roster – Oliver Gabriel is number 7, not 17 and Rafael Widmar is number 6, not 16.

My next report will most likely be from Everett later this weekend as the pre-season games begin on Friday afternoon.



  1. That’s interesting about Petruzzelli not showing. SmallatLarge has him listed as attending the T-Birds camp.

  2. I have Petruzzelli as #28 in T-birds main camp team blue.;

  3. Andy, just wanted to know if the morning sessions are also open to the public?

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