Brief Update…

I was only able to catch one half of the second scrimmage this morning between the Blue and Burgundy squads.  From what I saw, there was good pace and grit to the game.

There were three goals scored in the opening half (they are playing two 30 minute halves instead of three 20 minute periods) and they were all pretty:

For the blue, Luke Walker took a stretch pass from Jason Wark at the blueline and went in alone on Jordan White, beating him a wrister just inside the post on the glove side.

For burgundy, Killian Hutt filled the lane on an up-ice rush and while going down the slot, took a feed from Brandon Dubinsky and beat Zach Perehudoff under the pad.

Lastly, for blue, Taylor Peters took another long stretch pass, this time from Travis Bobbee, and beat White with another breakaway wrister, low stick side.

There were some good hits thrown, and good skating displayed by both squads. 

I will be at both scrimmages tonight, but won’t be able to post any thoughts on it until sometime on Tuesday as I’ll be driving to Seattle right after the scrimmages end.  That will be my last chance to catch any of the training camp, as I’ll be out of town the rest of the week.  I will be in Everett to catch all three Hawk games this weekend and will post thoughts on those games.

Also, it was great to have lunch today with the Scooter.  To squelch any possible rumors – no, we are not planning any sort of reunion tour.  Who do you think we are – Led Zeppelin??? 

He is doing great with his new gig at the bank and as always it was great to just sit and have a Scooter and Andy conversation.

Hope to see a lot of you at Mountain View tonight!



  1. […] Andy and Scooter met for lunch today.  Andy says they’re going to stay good friends and that’s it.  No more radio for Scooter.  A shame. […]

  2. Saw the Thunderbirds scrimmage yesterday, good to see two former Winterhawks Chip Petrino and Matt Betker looking inspired and hopeful to get back into hockey. If they make it I don’t know but they certainly looked better last night.

  3. Maybe Andy and Scooter can be like Rush, never completley going away. After all, Scooter was there last season………..:)

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