Training Camp Roster…

Here is the full roster for the Winter Hawks training camp (they are broke into four squads for the camp, but this is the entire list):

Goaltenders:  Corbin Boes (93), J.P. Chapman (91), Keith Hamilton (92), Richie Hubbell (92),  Jared Kelly (91), Kurtis Mucha (89), Zack Perehudoff (93), Jordan White (88 )

Defenseman:  Travis Bobbee (90), Brock Cornish (89), Josh Dennis (92), Travis Ehrhardt (89), Scott Gabriel (88), Shane Gleason (91), Ryan Kerr (89), Alex Kromm (91), Matt Maleschuk (92), Dylan Moore (93), Joe Morrow (92), Lee Morrow (90), Mandeep Nijjar (89), Brett Ponich (91), Troy Rutkowski (92), Matt Saunderson (93), David Watt (91), Tyler Wotherspoon (93)

Forwards:  Ryan Andersen (90), Travis Belohrad (91), Riley Boychuk (91), Tanner Burns (91), Teal Burns (92), Nick Dietrich (89), Chris Francis (89), Oliver Gabriel (91), Alex Gaustad (90), Wyat Haustein (93), Brayden Holloway (93), Killian Hutt (91), Jory Jastrzebski (93), Brett Knowles (91), Dylan Longoria (91), Kyzen Loo (92), Darren Mann (89), Bryon Maxwell (91), Catlin McLeod (92), Casey Moe (92), Scott Moyer (92), Taylor Peters (92), Anthony Petruzzelli (93), Zack Rassell (92), Ty Rattie (93), Colin Reddin (90), Brad Ross (92), Matt Schmermund (88), Scott Schwartzman (91), Jessie Siemens (93), Mason Spear (91), Tayler Thompson (93), Luke Tully (93), Luke Walker (90), Jason Wark (92), Rafael Widmar (90), Stephen Zipp (93)

Some former Hawks that will take part in the camp:  Brandon Dubinsky, Paul Gaustad, Cody McLeod, Brendan Mikkelson as well as local pro B.J. Gaustad.

The day started with fitness testing this morning and while I wasn’t there, I got good reports that all of the players came into camp in good shape and the results showed that. 

The evening session was split into two sessions with the Red and Black team having the first ice time for practice and then the Burgundy and Blue teams took the second session.

It was obvious that the emphasis was on speed and skating as the coaching staff ran the players through a lot of drills that emphasized those two aspects.  I’m not going to get into specific names tonight, but I was impressed with the overall speed and skill of the players in the camp. 

Tomorrow, there will be practice drills run in the morning session and then scrimmages tomorrow night.

Thats it for now…


  1. Scott Gabriel (88)

    Why did I think he was a 20 last year? Huh. You learn/forget/remember something new everyday.

  2. That should, of course, read 88. Stupid emoticons.


  4. Any word as to why Ryan Johansen, Dustin Johnson, and Logan Johnston didn’t show?I thought all 3 had a good shot at making the team.

  5. Sinbin, I don’t know for sure why they didn’t report, but it wouldn’t surprise me if all three are exploring opportunities in the BCHL.

    Quite frankly, I’m more focused on who is here than who is not…

  6. Is anyone going to update the Hawks website about Travis Erhardts good fortune?

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