Thank God for Training Camp…

Now the focus can be on the on-ice happenings of the Winter Hawks – who will make the roster, which rookies stand out, which veterans need to pick it up, the overage situation, injuries, and so many other story lines will be played out over the next couple of weeks as the team gathers to begin building for the 2008-09 season.

There is always one word that comes to my mind at this time of the year – hope.

Everyone starts the season at 0-0 (or 0-0-0-0 in the WHL’s case).  Every team enters camp hopeful that they will improve upon their previous season (with the lone exception of Spokane who can only hope to repeat their success of last season – minus the Memorial Cup breaking in their grasp.)

The hopeful players will gather tomorrow afternoon to register for the training camp and then will have their fitness tests on Sunday morning before hitting the ice Sunday afternoon/evening.  While I haven’t seen a final camp roster, the Hawks are looking at having a larger than normal turnout – maybe as many as 80 players vying to make the roster.

A few veterans won’t be on the ice to start – Ryan Kerr will wait until early September before taking full practices to make sure his shoulders are ready to go, and I believe that Jason Grecica may not be ready after off-season knee surgery, and Radim Valchar will join the Hawks later this week.

I am anxious to see Riley Boychuk after his recovery from hip surgery and the 92 class of Brad Ross, Keith Hamilton, Kyzen Loo, Joe Morrow, Taylor Peters, Ryan Johansen, Teal Burns, Matt Maleschuk and how they have progressed.

I am also anxious to see 1st Round 93 Ty Rattie and what he brings to the ice, even if he is a year away from being able to make the roster permanently.

Unfortunately for me, I have to travel for work for a lot of this coming week.  I will be at the rink on Sunday and Monday evenings, but then I will miss the rest of camp.  I will be in Everett next weekend for the preseason tournament.

I will post some thoughts after Sunday and possible Monday (I have to drive to Seattle after the camp ends Monday night). 

Lets drop the puck…


  1. Any pictures (if you can) from pre season would be great…. I can’t make the pre season games in Silvertips land this year…. UGH!

  2. AK, It will be good to see how the team plays in Everett this year. That is usually a good event, and it will be good to catch up with you too.


  3. Andy- is it true Bo won’t be out for training camp this year? The MJ herald times from his home town interviewed him stating that he was going to go to College, playing hockey there and not returning to the hawks, do you know anything about that? Thanks for the great updates!

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