A Break…

I take a day to sweat in the summer sun and help put up a fence at my Mom’s house and all hell breaks loose.

All I can say is that I am not going to comment on any of the new ownership scenarios until they become official from the WHL.  So, I’m going to take a break until it officially happens or it officially doesn’t.  I hope you all understand.  This is my decision to go quiet, I was not asked by any other party. 

Right now, I plan on being in the PBP chair on September 20 for the home opener…I hope that I will be.

Talk to you all soon…



  1. here’s hoping that you are part of the house cleaning. Perhaps you can be the color man again for JJJ.

  2. I hope your here for the next few years.. Just because someone doesn’t want to jump on the rumor wagon, you want him gone? I think it’s refreshing and responsible. The puck drops in 35 days! Go Hawks Go

  3. I think most of us totally understand, Andy. New owners will be a great thing for the PWH, but once again it is a bunch of change right before the season starts.

    I hope the new ownership keeps you on the radio, you do a great job and your talent has really grown in the past season. I will say that I hope they bring Scooter back in some way, either on the radio with you or in the office, he is Portland hockey!

    What miserable weather for fence building!

    Looking forward to hearing your voice at the opener!

  4. Folks, I appreciate comments, but I will not authorize profanity or bashing of other people.

    Attack me if you want…but don’t go after each other.

  5. i hope you had a lot of cold ones to help make that fence! who cares if its not straight ;)

  6. Andy, the new ownership scenarios have put a big smile on my face.

    As a fan, the future looks good for hockey in Portland, for employee’s of the Hawks tough times are ahead.

    I hope you make the cut, and continue as the voice of the Winter Hawks.

  7. Andy is part of the solution, not part of the problem… Let’s hope the new owners (if the deal actually go through) can figure that out quickly…

  8. That Rob above WAS NOT ME! I know some of you may think it was but not. I enjoy Andy on the radio waves…. Sure he’s no Scooter but that’s good, he brings a fresh view to the game, and as far as the history of the game of hockey (Portland wise) there is no one better (Sorry Andy not trying to make you feel old) he’s been here from the get go I dont think there is another person out there that knows the history as well as Andy does (besides Scoots) I hope he is here for this season.

  9. The above comment was by


  10. Andy,

    I’m hoping you can answer something for me:
    With the possiblity of losing Innes, I’m wondering about the training the boys have had in the past. Was Innes solely responsible for the training programs that were in place for the players? Did the coaches design a program? Did they have a team of personal trainers somewhere? I remember reading that certain players have visited Going Vertical, and a few seasons ago some players famously attended boxing classes (bring that back!) but did all players get the same training away from practices?

    Injury prevention is no doubt a high priority for any new (or current) owners, but I can’t help but wonder who (if any one person) may have been to blame for past lackluster training and follow-up. (Call it a professional interest, since I’m very interested in becoming a certified personal trainer.)


  11. Katie,
    it is normally a collaborative process between the coaching staff and the trainer to set up and coordinate work out regiments for the players.

    From time to time outside trainers were brought in to work with the players.

    It is not one persons sole responsibility to implement these programs and the blame cannot be put onto one person.

    Hope that helps…


  12. I’m lost….the blame for what?

    How did we reach the conclusion that we had a “lackluster” training program?

  13. Absalom,
    I think Katie is referring to the theory that there had to be a reason (beyond pure bad luck) for the excessive number of injuries over the past few seasons. Shoulder injuries in particular.

  14. it’s time to get into reality here folks.

    long since gone are the days of Wayne Meier(forigve if I’ve mispelled) and his band of birdogs scouring the prairies for all the talent most of the other teams (in the whl days of yore) didnt have the budgets or personnel to list, when listing rules were virtually non-exhistant, and college players were considered pusses (yes its been that long ago) because thay played 50 less games and wore cage masks.

    with the passsing of those days (can u say Reggie Dunlop) things were put on a much more even playing field in the WHL, and the teams with the best scouting departments/player personnel decision making have prevailed.

    those teams who have been cheap in this regard eventually have gotten punished (some more severly than others) as we have unfortunately seen here, since the last of the guys who were in our pipeline during the Cup Run all graduated.

    ken did a youmans job for many years after he left the bench overseeing player personnel decisions, though he clearly had help, most recently in the form of Gord Loiselle, who obviously fell out of favor in a business where you have to produce year in/year out.

    draft/list players who don’t pan out, get injured, or opt for the NCAA can obviously cost you your job.

    But as I referred to in a Trib comment, the Wayne Babychs,Blake Weslys, Brent Petersons, Jim Bennings, Cam Neely’s, & Adam (Phsyco) Deadmarsh caliber players havent been seen around these parts, or any facscimiles therof ( Hossa, Morrow) for over ten years.

    the facts are, that this organization is in total disarray (my how the mighty have fallen) and hardly worth 7 million if thats indeed whats been asked/offered.

    yes, Ken Hodge will go down as one of the great hockey men of his time in this league & throught professional hockey for that matter, but unfortunately, I believe he must accept some (perhaps not the lions share) of the blame for where things have ended up, and yes, HE TOO MUST GO.

    Im nowhere near as bullish on this supposed new ownership, as the “Pete” group, but anythings better than the these dirt bags.

    As for Andy, I think he’s done an admirable job, but would best be served returning to his former role as color.

    And if the “new boys” want to do anything right, the first thing theyll do is try to create a connection to a storied PWH past with somone who is well liked and universally well respected.

    im not saying Dean is the best play-by ever. he’s not, but he brings intangibles that go well beyond that.

    its the type of currency another new group just won’t have, and will need every ounce of that they can get.

    Somewhere Brian Shaw is cursing u from the grave J, J, & J.

    Away with the three J’s.


  15. Sorry, had to go to work and am only now able to reply to my original inquiry….

    I certainly didn’t mean to try to blame any one person, and certainly was not wanting to put all the blame on Innes. It was just a topic I was hoping to get more clarification on.

    I remembered hearing that the players were often sent home with packets of things they were to work on over the summer and those things would be checked up on, like homework but it was fitness-related. I know some players have been chastized in the past for arriving to training camp having obviously not worked on anything during the off season, and I was wondering if these bad years of injuries might have been a result of staff not checking up with the players. Which went back to my original inquiry of whether that fell upon the coaches alone or the trainer(s). Some people say Innes is nothing but a glorified equipment manager and didn’t know if his role really extended into fitness training. That’s really what I was wondering, I guess. How big his role in the fitness training really was.

  16. I think the theory that poor conditioning played a major role in our injury problems over the past couple of seasons is one of those quick glance/easy answer hypotheses that falls apart upon analysis. IMO, the following would not have been true had conditioning (off season conditioning regimens included) been a major factor:

    1) An extremely inordinate number of man games lost (esp. this past season) were within our defensive corps.

    2) The injuries were not clustered near the early part of the season (when off-season conditioning would have played a larger role). In fact, the number of injuries that occured in the first 1/3rd of the season was actually well below RE.

    3) Cornish, Voytechek, Undershute, Kerr and Bobbee were all acquired by the Winter Hawks from different teams which one would assume had been in charge of their off-season/foundational conditioning regimens.

    I am not trying to diminish the importance of proper conditioning. However, it is most definitely my strong opinion that sub-par conditioning was at best a very minor contributing factor in the teams injury problems. It is definitely intuitive to believe that it is, but given the injury patterns present I think there are a number of other (more difficult) contributing factors that should be looked at first.

  17. I think it’s a shame of what has become of a once proud franchise. As a T-birds fan I enjoy the Hawks losing to Seattle. But most true Portland and Seattle fans have tons of respect for the rivalry and each other, despite the hatred. The one thing you could look forward to was seeing each other on the schedule. The past two seasons I have not seen the same passion the the two teams used to play against each other with. I truly hope things get turned around and the team owners can actually concentrate on what the WHL is about, developing young players. And restoring what used to be one of the best rivalries in the WHL. We can’t stand Everett fans they know as much about hockey as your ownership group knows about business. Andy should definently be sticking around not only does he do a great on-air job. But he talks about what he should be….hockey… not speculation.

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