Breaking News…

Reading that kind of gets your heart going and your mind brewing…doesn’t it???  It’s the reason that all of the local TV news stations lead with that graphic on news shows…or it’s the reason that anonymous people post things in Internet forums.  To garner attention…

And, unfortunately, it works.

Folks get excited for whatever the “breaking news” may be and feel let down when there isn’t any “breaking news”.  It’s part of today’s need to know it yesterday society of 24 hours information (which isn’t always accurate).

I was alerted to the postings on OL of an imminent sale of the Portland Winter Hawks by a few people and those people sent me notes asking for confirmation (confidentially…of course).   Like I was going to discuss any information I may or may not have. 

I sometimes get criticized for not posting speculation or discussing the behind the scenes dirt on the team and their business matters.  I can live with that…and I will state one more time:  Any news involving the team will be first issued by the team on their official website and not on this site.  I will discuss any official news on here (at my discretion) after it is released by the organization.

I am not a newspaper reporter like Gregg Drinnan (who’s job is getting the scoop) and I’m not an insider leaking information to the masses.  It is perfectly OK for Chris Snethen or Dylan Bumbarger to speculate on their blogs about potential deals.  It is not OK for me as a representative of the team. 

(Sidebar – To Mr. Snethen – if your posting of a few days ago was “Confidential to Ron Robison” shouldn’t you have sent it confidentially?  To me it should have been titled “Open Letter to Ron Robison”, but I guess I’m just stuck on semantics.)

This is my space…I have never been directed on what to write or what not to write.  I am just smart enough to know what is acceptable and what isn’t.  I hope my readers will understand that.

On an entirely different subject…it was a great weekend in Bend for the Kemper family.  We were there watching my 7 year old daughter Aiden participate in the 2008 Bend Open Swim Meet. 

She is a member of the Hillsboro Heat Swim Club and the photo was of her participating in the 50 yard Freestyle event.

She participated in six events (the 50 Free, 25 Free, 25 Back, 25 Breast, 25 Fly and the 100 Individual Medley) and posted personal bests in four of the six events.

It is a long way away from what is going on in Beijing right now, but my wife Vicki and I couldn’t be more proud of our little fish. 

I’ll leave you with a photo of our happy swimmer after posting her personal best in the 100 IM…

It just doesn’t get any better than that…



  1. Andy

    Well said as always. I always enjoy your comments, but do not ever expect you to comment on rumors or speculation about the team. Great pictures of your daughter swimming. I grew up swimming and swam through high school. Yes there is other things more important that hockey, but not to much.

  2. As a father of two, I know there is nothing better than watching your son / daughter do something they really enjoy, thanks for sharing photo’s. Good luck Aiden in your future swim meets!

  3. So Andy which is it? The two most telling sentences are:

    ……….” me as a representative of the team”.

    “I am just smart enough to know what is acceptable and what isn’t.”

    We have always believed that JJJ do directly or indirectly control what you write….. trying to hide behind denials.

    Even here you admit that you are a representative of the team and temper your comments to keep on going.

    I’ve always taken your comments with a grain of salt.

  4. Congrats to Aiden!!!!!!!

  5. Well Rob…I think that in any company or organization there is information that is made public and information that isn’t.

    I know what is appropriate for me to discuss here and I know what isn’t. I am a representative of the team and as such, I do have a responsibility to only discuss that which is appropriate.

    I don’t mind that you take my comments with a grain of salt…that is your choice.

    Thanks for reading…

  6. but I guess I’m just stuck on semantics.

    Point taken. That line was written with tongue in cheek. Maybe it worked. Maybe it didn’t. Who knows. I tried. No regrets. No apologies.

    I hope my readers will understand that.

    I hope they do too. This blog remains the premier spot to leave the other hooey aside and just talk Winter Hawks.

  7. Andy I just have to say your blog is the most acurate one on the web and Rob is just one of those idiots that want to spread rumors and not facts he is probably one of the guys that sits in the stands and gets drunk and makes an ass out of him self (I bet he the guy I have seen being removed from more than one game) keep up the good work

  8. Come on Kemper, don’t fall into comments like this dipstick Rob is shooting his mouth about.

    Let’s keep it on hockey, and I too believe you and your blog has some excellent thoughts and comments.

  9. nice one chuck!


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