If it’s Wednesday…

It must be time for an update…

Currently, I’m working on writing up a 2008-09 season preview for the Hawks website that should be on the site within the next week or so.  It will highlight some of the names that you will see at the Hawks main training camp coming up at the end of August. 

If you are planning on going to Everett for the Silvertips Preseason Tournament and want to take advantage of the best pricing to see the Hawks play their first three preseason games – you will need to purchase your ticket package through the Everett Silvertips office.

If you order prior to August 8th, you will receive the nine game ticket package for $60/person.  If you wait until after the 8th, the package will run you $75/person. 

The Hawks will play at 3:00 in the afternoon all three days – Friday, Aug 29 vs. Tri City; Saturday, Aug 30 vs. Spokane; Sunday, Aug 31 vs. Seattle – and, if you haven’t been to one before, I would highly recommend it as it is a great chance to see a lot of hockey (nine games in three days) after a long summer.

To order tickets, call the Everett Silvertips office at (425) 252-5100.

Not to be outdone, the Tri City Americans are hosting their annual preseason tournament the following weekend in Kennewick. 

The Hawks will play three games in Tri City as well – Friday, Sep 5 vs. Everett; Saturday, Sep 6 vs. Seattle; Sunday, Sep 7 vs. Tri City – with all games beginning at 2:00 PM.

No ticket information is available yet at the Tri City website at www.amshockey.com.

If you have kids (18 and under) interested in taking part in the Winter Hawks hockey school coming up the week of August 11-15 at Sherwood Ice Arena, go to www.winterhawks.com or www.sherwoodicearena.com and find all the details.  The Hawks coaching staff will be there as well as some of the current players.  Brandon Dubinsky of the New York Rangers and Cody McLeod of the Colorado Avalanche are expected to take part as well.

Also, you can contact Kyle Gustafson directly about this at 503-238-6366 x 24 or kyleg@winterhawks.com.

Thats it for now…


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  1. Everett is a great three days of Hockey, and a good way to get ready for the kids to head back to school.

    Camp is right around the corner too…

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