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I’ve received a few e-mails asking me my opinion on what Dwight Jaynes wrote in the Portland Tribune today regarding the group led by Brent Peterson and the possible purchase of the Winter Hawks.

My response has been the same to each – it is hard to comment on it as there really isn’t anything to comment on.

Sure, there is a group that is interested in possibly purchasing the team.  The group includes some big-time names from the Winter Hawks past and also local golf professional Peter Jacobsen.  It is an impressive list of names.

But, as of right now, from reading the article, they have yet to approach the current Hawks management team about purchasing the franchise.  Until they do, it is nothing more than a speculative venture that will cause a bunch of fans to sit and dream about the “glory days” of the franchise.

That’s all well and good, nothing wrong with speculation, especially when it is done in an official publication with the quotes from Peterson.  But until a “dream and a hope” becomes an offer that is being considered by the current ownership group, there isn’t really anything to get overly excited about.

The other article in the Tribune today had to do with the fate of the Rose Quarter and the plans that the Blazers have for the space.  It talked about possibly replacing the Memorial Coliseum with a smaller arena that could house sports and concerts.

To make this work, it only makes sense to keep the Winter Hawks as part of the master plan for the Rose Quarter.  A team that could anchor 25-30 dates a year in the MC or the new arena while also splitting bigger games with the soon to be corporately named Rose Garden.

Time will tell, where the Blazers get with this plan…but to me, I read the article as a reason to be optimistic.



  1. “Dreaming of the glory days” can sometimes be better than living the present days … :o)

  2. It’s the Allen group realizing that if anybody with any political clout ever takes over the ownership of the Hawks… what a huge beating they could take in the court of public opinion.

    Given home ice advantage so to speak, since he’s a local legend in his own right, Peter Jacobsen would make short work of Allen in the local media if he chose to fight the lease fight publicly in the papers. He’d ragdoll Allen with his own statements about what a lousy deal it is… “a broken model”… “the worst arena deal in all of sports”.

    Randy Leonard and Co. would also risk being drug into the fray when they had to play linesman and break up the fight.

    That was Allen’s attempt to say “Hey fella’s… I’ve had your back the whole time”.

    It’s totally false, but now it’s been printed in the paper.

    A new $75 million dollar mid sized arena would be really cool… but I’m thinking that we’d be better off spending maybe 10% to 20% of that and the 5 million in maintainence that was budgeted but never done to remodel the arena that we’ve got… maybe spend the other 50 million dollars on something usefull… like schools or failing bridges… just a thought.

  3. when i read about Peterson and possible ownership
    try for the hawks i was happy. with this ownership
    group they’ve made the hawks a once proud franchise a
    laughing stock of the league. Hell we are worse than
    the old seattle breakers organization. This ownership
    thats running the ship now does not care about the FANS,
    THERE HISTORY. Why do i know this. Beacause one
    of the top defensemen in winterhawks history just retired
    from the nhl after 20 yrs. And not one mention on the
    website about it. Glen Weseley needs to show these
    owners what history is all about

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