Friday Update…

I’m getting ready to fly back to Portland shortly, so this will be fairly brief.

First off, I wasn’t overly surprised at the press release that the WHL put out regarding the Winter Hawks situation.  It is imperative that the Hawks do whatever it takes to get the on-ice product back to a competitive level and I believe that was the main reasoning regarding Ken Hodge.

Off the ice, I do believe that the ownership group is committed to making it work and they know it won’t be easy.  

Right now, the focus needs to be on getting the players and team ready for the 2008-08 season.

The NHL Entry Draft starts this afternoon with the first round going tonight and the other six rounds going on Saturday.  

I don’t know if any Hawks will be drafted this year or not.  I would think that Kurtis Mucha and Travis Ehrhardt would have the best shot, but both probably felt they had a good shot last year as well.

I’m not expecting much out of the draft for Portland, but I also didn’t expect Frazer McLaren to get picked last year.

Here are some NHL Draft stats regarding the Winter Hawks:

There has only been one year that a Winter Hawk hasn’t been drafted – 2000-01.

Here is a summary by round of Winter Hawks drafted players:

Summary – By Round:

1st Round – 21 Selections

2nd Round – 21 Selections

3rd Round – 13 Selections

4th Round – 15 Selections

5th Round – 12 Selections

6th Round – 3 Selections

7th Round – 9 Selections

8th Round – 6 Selections

9th Round – 4 Selections

10th Round – 0 Selections

11th Round – 3 Selections

Total – 107 Selections

Here is a summary by team of Winter Hawk draft picks:

Summary – By NHL Team:

Chicago Blackhawks – 10 Selections

Vancouver Canucks – 9 Selections

Montreal Canadiens – 8 Selections

Edmonton Oilers – 7 Selections

New York Rangers – 7 Selections

Buffalo Sabres – 6 Selections

Washington Capitals – 6 Selections

Dallas Stars/Minnesota North Stars – 5 Selections

Pittsburgh Penguins – 5 Selections

St. Louis Blues – 5 Selections

Detroit Red Wings – 4 Selections

Phoenix Coyotes/Winnipeg Jets – 4 Selections

Atlanta Thrashers – 3 Selections

Boston Bruins – 3 Selections

Calgary Flames – 3 Selections

Carolina Hurricanes/Hartford Whalers – 3 Selections

Colorado Avalanche/Quebec Nordiques – 3 Selections

Philadelphia Flyers – 3 Selections

Toronto Maple Leafs – 3 Selections

New Jersey Devils/Colorado Rockies – 2 Selections

Ottawa Senators – 2 Selections

Anaheim Ducks – 1 Selection

Florida Panthers – 1 Selection

Minnesota Wild – 1 Selection

New York Islanders – 1 Selection

San Jose Sharks – 1 Selection

Tampa Bay Lightning – 1 Selection

Columbus Blue Jackets – 0 Selections

Los Angeles Kings – 0 Selections

Nashville Predators – 0 Selections

The first Winter Hawk to have his name called:  Jeff Bandura, 22nd overall in 1977, Vancouver (Bandura is now a Portland scout).

Thats it for now…


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