The View from the North…

I’m writing this from my hotel room in Richmond, BC, as I’m up here for a few days of sales calls and trade shows.  My hotel is literally right next door to the Richmond Ice Centre, home of the Seafair Minor Hockey Association, where Hawk prospect Kyzen Loo played his Bantam hockey.

I walked over this evening and watched some young players run drills…it was refreshing.  No talk of audits, leases, press releases…just kids skating, shooting, passing and doing what they love.  

The WHL delayed releasing their statement on the Portland Winter Hawks until tomorrow.  I’ll be tied up at a trade show all day, so don’t expect any comments from me on it until sometime tomorrow evening (that is if they actually put out a release!).

I honestly don’t know what to expect out of the statement they will put out.  I think there are some fans that are expecting a scathing expose’ and a full disclosure report on what the audit did or didn’t uncover.  I don’t think it will be that, but I could be wrong.  I am far enough removed (by my own choice) to not know how it will be handled.

One of the interesting things for me has been some of the messages that I have received from fans on the whole subject.  Some expect me to divulge all the behind-the-scenes dirt and what has or hasn’t been discussed, like it is their inalienable right as a fan to know it.  That’s fine…but what little I do know won’t be divulged.

I have been reading the OregonLive Forum and I have been fairly impressed that a lot of the discussion has been intelligent and reasonable.  There are still a few on there looking just to be anonymous trolls, but you will never get rid of them.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know a few people from that board, as people – not just hockey fans – and I won’t divulge who they are because they are sometimes some of the more vocal posters.  But, they are intelligent and reasonable and while we don’t always agree on everything, we will at least hear each other out and accept our disagreements.

The same can be said for Chris Snethen.  I consider Chris a friend and I respect any person that can intelligently express their thoughts on any subject, and Chris can do that, both in conversation and in his writing.  I don’t always agree with what he writes on his blog, but I know that I can e-mail him and call him on it and it will be a reasonable response.

Prior to taking the gig as Scooter’s color guy, I was just another anonymous poster on the OL board.  That ended when Scooter put my OL screen name in the press release when I was hired.  I was fine with that…there wasn’t anything on there under the screen name “PHWHistorian” that I regretted writing.  I decided later that if I was going to write something, it wouldn’t be under a screen name and this blog was born.

Has it been what I expected?  I honestly don’t know.  It would have been a hell of a lot easier without all the off-ice stuff going on, but I can honestly say that I still love hockey, I still love writing and I will continue to be in the press box as long as I still love doing it (and as long as my family grants me the time and commitment to do it).

I have met so many great people – Coaches, GM’s, Players, Parents, Fans, Scouts – in the past four seasons.  I am richer by the experience.

I will leave you with that…good night.



  1. WHL Audit Report
    Calgary Hearld June 19 Sports Section Page F3

  2. AK, well said about the folks on the OL Forum. It takes all types of fans to keep the discussion going. I feel as you stated that you will always have the folks who have nothing but crapola to post, but you also have folks who are willing to disagree in positive fashion too.

    Should be interesting to see how the draft goes this weekend.

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