14 And Counting…

One of the advantages of working from home was that I got a chance to watch the Monday playoff between Tiger Woods (Getty Images photo) and Rocco Mediate in the U.S. Open.

It was the 14th major championship for Woods, just four behind Jack Nicklaus on the all-time list.

While I was quietly rooting for the underdog Mediate, Woods once again showed why he is the best in the game, going to the 18th hole one shot down and making birdie to force extra holes where he won it with a par on the 19th hole of the playoff.

Woods is coming off knee surgery and was in obvious pain during much of the tournament.  Sure, it wasn’t quite Bobby Baun coming back with a broken ankle to win Game 6 of the 1964 Stanley Cup Final in overtime to force a Game 7 that his Toronto Maple Leafs won, but it was a physical struggle for Woods.

For Mediate, it was a tremendous show for what is the closest thing to an “every man” that the PGA has to offer with his good humor, attitude and honest, down-to-earth personality.  He was one putt away from winning the championship a few times, but couldn’t quite nail it down.  And, if you give Woods enough chances, he will beat you.

All in all, it was tremendous theatre watching the past few days.  

Meanwhile, as a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan (AP Photo/Frank Gunn), I’ve resisted the temptation to toot the horn of the Major League Best Record Cubs, currently at 20 games over .500 at 45-25.

For those of us that have followed the Cubs for a while, it is tough not to gloat a bit, but I will have to try not to as we have all had our hopes dashed before.

It has been 100 years since the Cubbies have won the World Series back in 1908.  One every century is not too much to ask, is it???

I’m still worried about their starting pitching, but they have enough offense to cover some bad starts.  And if they can get Carlos Zambrano to 20 wins and a few more AB’s (he’s only hitting .362 as a starting pitcher this year), I think they can take it all.

Somewhere Harry Carey is tipping an ice cold Bud and smiling.

On the hockey front, nothing really to talk about today.  The WHL annual meetings are this week in Calgary and we’ll have to see if any news comes out of that.  

I know fans are clamoring for any information that they can get and I’ve got repeated inquiries about the audit and otherwise.  Anything that I state would be purely speculation and I’m not going there.  I will know what the league found or didn’t find when (or if) they decide to make a formal announcement.

The NHL Entry Draft will be held this weekend, with the opening round on Friday evening and the balance to be held on Saturday.  I believe that Friday night will be televised on the Versus network.

Thats it for now, I hope all the Fathers out there had a nice Fathers Day…



  1. You do remember what Cubs stands for, don’t you? :)

  2. Andy,

    If the Red Sox can do it, so can the Cubs. It would be fun to see the excitement in Cub land if they can make a run in the playoffs.

    How about some speculation about whether Mucha will get pick up in the draft this year or for that matter anyone on the roster.

    Beyond Mucha, maybe Travis Eharhard? Colin Reddin? The problem for all of these players is on last years team they couldn’t show the scouts any team wins or better individual numbers.

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