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Catching up on some random thoughts…

With the Stanley Cup decided, we in the hockey world are in a bit of a lull between now and the NHL Draft followed closely by the CHL Import Draft.  This would explain the lack of regular posts on most blogs…including this one.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time lately getting the 2008-09 Winter Hawks Media Guide ready for next season.  In years past, Scooter would have done this, but he rode off into the banking sunset and I have picked it up.

This year, the Hawks will not print the book and have it for sale at the Team Store.  It will be converted into a .pdf file that can be downloaded for free from www.winterhawks.com.  This way, fans or other media can go directly to the page they want and print it off for whatever use they want.

It hasn’t been an easy transition, as I’ve had to convert the guide into a Word format, but I should have it ready to go by early August.

The Hawks schedule for 2008-09 should be out by early August as well.  I haven’t heard anything on it, other than the long road trip back to the Eastern Division will most likely be earlier in the season than later.  I’m hearing late October, but that isn’t official yet, so don’t go booking your rooms in Moose Jaw or PA just yet.

From the NHL, it was announced that Detroit Red Wing forward Johan Franzen had a bruise on his brain that limited his playing time in the post-season.

I think I had that this year as well – either caused by me bouncing my head off a shelf in a dark press box in Calgary that had Rich Kromm asking if I had been in a bar fight as I was bleeding when I showed up for our pre-game interview, or, by routinely banging my head off the table watching the Hawks trying to clear their own zone a lot of nights.

Dominik Hasek has retired.  

Can a man go so far under the radar as Hasek did once Chris Osgood replaced him in the opening round against Nashville?

Ron Wilson is the new Head Coach in Toronto…

His Sharks under-achieved this year in the playoffs, all he got was fired.  In Toronto, he would have been hung from the CN Tower.  Best of luck, Ron…

(Although, just making the playoffs would be a step up in YYZ.)

I want a special shout-out to long-time radio man and hockey guy, Steve Kaye, who is battling cancer in Seattle.  Steve works for a radio station in Salem and often times fills in as a color analyst for visiting teams when then play in Portland.  Steve also sat in one game this year on a Winter Hawks broadcast.

He is going through a very trying time with surgery, chemo and radiation.

Godspeed Steve, hope to see you around the Media Room in September.


If you haven’t yet, click on the link to the right for “Small Thoughts at Large” written by Calgary’s own Alan Caldwell.  He has been gathering stats and information on all of the prospects for each team in the WHL.

It is interesting to see how each team’s prospects stack up – at least statistically – to each other.

I am off tomorrow morning for a brief golf outing to Bend for a couple days…looking forward to teeing it up at Widgi Creek, Aspen Lakes and Glaze Meadow at Black Butte.

Talk to you when I return…



  1. Hey Andy, I too will be at Aspen Lakes this weekend, fri and sat. Maybe if I see you, I will say hi, or four……

  2. If you need help with the guide, please let me know. – tstravel@comcast.net

  3. I have not heard anything about the league audit of the Hawks. Has anything been released, or will it be?


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