A Great Weekend…

It was a tremendous weekend for yours truly…here are some thoughts to wrap it up.

First…a tremendous Rush show at the Gorge Amphitheater in Central Washington State.  It was a warm, but windy, night at the outdoor venue and the boys (Alex, Geddy and Neil) all seemed to be really enjoying the large crowd and venue and they put on a tremendous show.

 I didn’t take the photo, it was taken by another fan who uploaded it to http://www.rushisaband.com.  I, unfortunately, followed the rules stating “no cameras” at the show, but everybody and their dog had digital cameras, so I wish I would have brought mine. 

For those not familiar with Rush’s music, it isn’t easy to dance to, but that didn’t stop a large crowd of mostly middle-aged white men from trying.  It wasn’t pretty, but it was a hell of a lot fun.

My three friends and I were in the 13th row, to the left of the stage (or as Rush fans say – Alex’s side) and had a great view and sound as the boys put out three hours of music.

Did I mention it was windy?  The big screens in the back and lighting rigs were swaying all night and kudo’s to the spotlight guys for climbing up there and sitting in the swaying fixtures all night.  The wind did remove some of the lighting and pyrotechnic elements from the show, but in the end, the music didn’t suffer and that is all that matters.

My three buddies and I also took in a couple rounds of golf over there and it was a tale of two days for me.

Friday wasn’t pretty as I hacked my way around Apple Tree Golf Course in Yakima to a year high 90.  The course itself was gorgeous including the signature 17th hole that is an island green that is constructed in the shape of an apple.  The leaf is a huge sandtrap and the stem is the bridge to the island.

The picture was taken by my good friend Rich of me on the tee.  He was courteous enough to snap the photo on the practice swing, where I usually have real good form.

For the record, I put a nine iron to within about 25 feet and then two-putted for a par.  One of the better holes for me on this day that saw me drive the ball pretty well, but my iron play was quite sporadic.

On Saturday morning, we got 18 in at The Links at Moses Pointe in Moses Lake.  As it is named, this is a links style course with tall grass that line fairways that caused a lot of havoc for the majority of our foursome.

For me, I made an adjustment to my stance on the practice range that morning and it paid dividends as I shot 79.  My driver was still there, but this time, my iron play was much improved and my score showed that.  I came to 18, a par 5, needing a birdie to break 80, and after a decent drive and lay-up, I hit a solid sand wedge from about 85 yards to 10 feet and made the putt.  A nice way to end a great day of golf.

After a long trip home on Sunday that included a not-so-brief excursion to the Grand Coulee Dam, I made my way to the Clark County Amphitheater for the Rush show there.  I had seats back in the 200 level and it was interesting to watch a show from there after being fairly close on Saturday.

Saturday was all about the energy of the crowd and being part of a tremendous atmosphere.  Sunday was about sitting back and really appreciating the musicianship of the band and just how talented these guys really are.  Unfortunately, the people around me on Sunday were more interested in seeing just how wasted (and annoying) they could get, so I moved to stand at the back of the reserved seating area for the 2nd half and that was much more enjoyable.

I would like to thank Rich, Joe and Doug for another outstanding weekend of golf, concerts and laughter.  You guys are the best…

To Alex, Geddy and Neil…well, I don’t know how, but you guys just get better and better each time that I see and hear you.  Here’s to hopefully another album and tour down the road.  And, thank you for returning to the Gorge, the ultimate place to watch a Rush show.

I’m out for now…

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