A Weekend of Rush…

After spending a couple days in Seattle, it is time now to head out for a weekend that I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time.  (Photo credit:  Andrew MacNaughton)

Me and my three best friends, are heading to Central Washington to play some golf and to see Rush at the Gorge Amphitheater on Saturday night.

Rush is Rush…it’s going to be great…but at the Gorge?  Wow…there aren’t words to describe it.  I’ve seen them there twice and even Neil Peart (the drummer for Rush) said in his book “Ghost Rider” that the Gorge was the most scenic setting that he had ever played in.

From there, its a return trip home to see the boys play at the Clark County Amphitheater on Sunday night.

Needless to say, I won’t be doing any blog updates this weekend as I totally immerse myself into good friends, great music and hopefully some good golf in some good weather.

I don’t have as good of seats as I had the last time I saw them (2nd row at Clark County), the 13th row at the Gorge is really good.  My seats for Sunday are back in the 2nd level, but they were free, so I’m not complaining.  When you’re seeing Rush, there are no bad seats.

While I know the band won’t be rusty for the shows, I’m a bit worried about my golf game.  I’ve only played two rounds this spring and while they’ve had moments of glory, it has been spread out with some moments of absolute horror.  I’m driving the ball great, but the iron play hasn’t been stellar.  I’ve never had a short game, so that is nothing new…oh well, it will be great to get out and chase the little white ball around on a couple courses that I’ve never played – Apple Tree in Yakima and Moses Pointe in Moses Lake.

I now sign off until next week…have a great weekend, dear readers…I know I will.


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