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KPM asked:

“Can you tell me why Portland drop Gervais from the 50 man roster – not llike there is that much talent – I am sure they could of traded him for a 4th round pick – what is wrong with the kid – I thought he had potential”

Well, all I can do is look at the situation in the available light.  Normally, the team is pretty closed lipped when it comes to releasing players, stating that they only “wish them the best”.  

I was a bit surprised when I heard he was released at the Bantam Draft on May 1st in Calgary.  But, from what I gather, the team feels that they had players ahead of Gervais on the depth chart with some of them being younger players.  This is strictly my opinion…based on similar depth chart moves in the past.

As far as getting a 4th rounder back…well…I don’t see that happening.  The Vancouver Giants sent a 3rd rounder to Swift Current to get Gervais early last year and then they moved him to Portland at the deadline for a 5th rounder in 2009.  His value was going down, not up.

I was happy to see that Edmonton picked him up, but the same thing happened with Chris Ward last year and he didn’t make it out of the Oil Kings training camp.  Time will tell if this was a good or bad move by both Portland and Edmonton.

Steve R. wrote:

“Sadly, it will probably take a blinding before the NHLPA agrees to require visors (and it is the NHLPA, not the NHL that is standing in the way). Then it will take 15-20 years before everybody who is grandfathered retires.

Remember the helmet rule? It went into effect in ‘79, and Craig McTavish, the last guy to play without a helmet in the NHL, retired in ‘97.

My beef is that a smart skills guy like Coburn goes pro, and the “code” takes over.”

I agree with Steve on the NHLPA and their position…and I can understand players having their own personal preferences.  But, I hope it doesn’t come to a blinding to make it happen.

We’ve had near misses before – Bryan Berard comes to mind – and a similar type of play ended the career of Flyers Head Coach John Stephens when a puck damaged his eye.  Portland GM Ken Hodge had to give up hockey due to an eye injury, but that was in the days before helmets and goalie masks.

It sounds like Coburn will be back, most likely in Game 4…I hope that this near miss will make him think twice about not wearing a visor.

Chris Snethen wrote:

“Don Cherry’s head would explode. And rightfully so.”

You make this sound like it would be a bad thing…

Just kidding…I like listening to “Grapes” just as much as the next guy, as long as I don’t have to see him and his wardrobe.

Thanks to all that read and respond…comments are always welcomed and encouraged.



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