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First off…a belated Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mom’s out there – including the players Mom’s and their billet Mom’s!!

A tough break for former Hawk Brayden Coburn as he took a deflected puck off his face and had to leave Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Final early in the 1st period yesterday.

It looked like a nasty cut that required as many as 50 stitches to close and caused limited vision in his left eye due to swelling.  He is doubtful for Game 3 on Tuesday night.  He was set to see an ophthalmologist today to make sure the eye wasn’t damaged.  There was no fracture or concussion symptoms.

There has been discussion about the extent of the damage if Coburn had been wearing a visor.  I, for one, believe that all players should be required to wear them.  All players at lower levels have to wear some form of face shield, including the WHL where visors are mandatory, and I don’t understand why the NHL doesn’t make them mandatory.  

Marian Hossa netted another power play goal yesterday and now has 6-6-12 in 11 playoff games this year.  In previous seasons, Hossa had only 35 points in 55 playoff games, so his numbers are definitely improved this year.

His six goals are also a career playoff high, surpassing the five he scored in 18 games in 2002-03 for Ottawa.

Meanwhile, Brenden Morrow and the Dallas Stars are down 2-0 to the Detroit Red Wings.  

I have said before that I hate the Wings…and that hasn’t changed…but they appear to be playing the best hockey of any team in the post-season so far.

At the World Championships in Halifax and Quebec City, the Hawks are well represented – here are some stats so far:

Brandon Dubinsky – USA – 3 GP, 3-0-3, 2 PIM

Jannick Hansen – Denmark – 5 GP, 2-2-4, 0 PIM

Marcel Hossa – Slovakia – 5 GP, 2-5-7, 2 PIM

Jakub Klepis – Czech Republic – 4 GP, 0-1-1, 0 PIM

Andrej Podkonicky – Slovakia – 5 GP, 1-1-2, 2 PIM

Someone asked me about the Hawks prospect camp, which has been held in Calgary in June the past few years.  In years past, the Hawks split the camp with Prince George, and from what I understand, the Cougars are not having their camp at the same time this year.

So, it looks like Portland will have their prospect camp in Portland, right before main camp, at the end of August.  Usually, scrimmages for the camps are open to the public.

If I hear anything differently on this, I’ll pass it along.

I will be working on a preview of the 2008-09 season for the Hawks website in the coming weeks.  

Stay tuned…



  1. I don’t understand why the NHL doesn’t make them mandatory.

    Don Cherry’s head would explode. And rightfully so.

  2. Please post the schedules as you get them to see the camps and what types of camps there will be. As always, your info is invaluable to fans who want to see the shape the new team will take this year!

  3. Can you tell me why Portland drop Gervais from the 50 man roster – not llike there is that much talent – I am sure they could of traded him for a 4th round pick – what is wrong with the kid – I thought he had potential

  4. Sadly, it will probably take a blinding before the NHLPA agrees to require visors (and it is the NHLPA, not the NHL that is standing in the way). Then it will take 15-20 years before everybody who is grandfathered retires.

    Remember the helmet rule? It went into effect in ’79, and Craig McTavish, the last guy to play without a helmet in the NHL, retired in ’97.

    My beef is that a smart skills guy like Coburn goes pro, and the “code” takes over.

    (BTW, I’d pay good money to watch Don Cherry’s head explode.)

  5. I know that we had a similar discussion on safety equipment when Zednick had the neck skate cut. I know that in the kids up in Canada all wear full face shields and neck guards, and college hockey requires full face protection. Even the WHL requires some sort of face protection too.

    Pucks hurt, and this is a full collision sport. These guys need to protect themselves…


  6. […] former Hawk Brayden Coburn as he took a deflected puck off his face and had to leave Game 2 of thehttps://afterthewhistle.wordpress.com/2008/05/13/weekend-thoughts/Quick hits: Minnesota Wild’s Mikko Koivu helps Finland beat U.S 3-2 in world hockey championships […]

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