Kitchener Bound Chiefs…

Congratulations to the Spokane Chiefs on sweeping the Lethbridge Hurricanes in the WHL Final to capture the Ed Chynoweth Cup and to advance to the Memorial Cup in Kitchener, Ontario.

The path for the Chiefs reminded me of the path the Winter Hawks took in 1997-98.  

For both teams, the toughest series was the Western Conference Final, where Spokane took seven games to knock off the Tri City Americans.  In 1998, the Hawks went to Game 7 against Spokane, and won it on a goal by Andrej Podkonicky in the third period.

Once Portland got past Spokane, they went on to sweep the Brandon Wheat Kings in the WHL Final and then won all four games in the Memorial Cup.

Spokane is halfway there – having knocked off Lethbridge.   Now they go to to the Cup with a chance to win their second Cup, having won it in 1991.

The truly dangerous thing about Spokane is that a major part of their nucleus are in the 1989 birth year – Ondrej Roman, Drayson Bowman, Jared Spurgeon, Dostin Tokarski.  Add in Tyler Johnson, Mitch Wahl, Levko Koper, Mike Reddington, Jace Coyle and Stefan Ulmer from the 1990 birth year, and these guys may be loaded for a couple year run.   Oh, and maybe their best d-man, Jared Cowen, is a 1991.


I will say that pretty much all year, I said that Spokane was the team to beat coming out of the West and while I wish it was Portland going to Kitchener, I will be rooting on the Chiefs in their quest for the Cup.

Bring it back home to the WHL, boys…


  1. Ok, I know this has nothing to do with your above posting but I didn’t know where else to leave this message. With what looks like a couple “gambles” in the bantam draft this year (ex: players that could potentially be game breakers, that are still undecided about NCAA/WHL) will we probably find out after prospects camp who agrees to sign and who doesn’t, much like last year?

    On a second related question. Is there a date set yet for prospect camp and if so is it open to public or not?

    I know you don’t have all the answers but seem to often times be the best informed on dates and stats so I thought I would come here.

  2. No, there best d-man is Glass followed by Falk. Cowen is really good at his age but he’s not in the top two or even top four – yet.


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