Catching Up…

Well…it has been a week since my last blog posting on the other site because they locked me out of posting.  Hence the move to the new site.  I’m glad you found it OK.

A few thoughts…

I had the chance to attend the WHL Awards Luncheon and WHL Bantam Draft last week in Calgary.  

The luncheon was an interesting event as there were a number of hockey dignitaries there and it was great to shake hands with Lanny McDonald, he of the famous huge mustache, who was there being recognized with a WHL Alumni award.  He is a very gracious person and like most hockey people, very much down to earth and you could tell that he could tell a few stories that would be incredible.

As far as the draft goes, it was interesting to see how each team approaches the draft.  Some teams had tables full of laptops while others had no laptops whatsoever and relied solely on a binder or two of their prospect information.

Most teams use an online service called RinkNet, where there is a database set up for the draft age players and it allows scouts to put comments in about each prospect they see.  Each team can only see the comments put in by their own scouts, but everyone can view the prospect information and stats, provided they have been entered.

Portland uses this system and its pretty slick.

The Hawks draft table consisted of GM Ken Hodge, Director of Player Personnel Matt Bardsley and three scouts – Jason Pashelka, Chad McLeod and Deryk Lawrence.  

I sat in the back of the room with the rest of the Media.  

After each pick, Bardsley would come back and give me some information on each pick to be used on the website.  

As far as the calibre of the picks – well…each team feels that they got the best guys.  I know that the Hawks coveted some scoring depth in this draft and certainly 1st Rounder Ty Rattie has some big numbers in Bantam.  How will that translate to the WHL?  Only time will tell…

In the NHL…how much fun has it been to watch Brenden Morrow, Marian Hossa and Brayden Coburn advance to the Conference Final?

It is now a 75% probability that another former Hawk will have his name engraved on Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Personally…I’m rooting for Morrow as he embodies all that is right about this sport.  Work ethic, refusal to accept pain and leadership…he has been incredible for the Stars.

I’m watching Game 3 of the WHL Final right now on the web and they are close to going to OT – a place that Spokane knows well after their series with Tri City.  

Lethbridge will have a power play carry over into OT…they need the win after falling in Spokane the first two games.

Lastly, in my previous blog life, I made a comment about Jason Vondersmith from the Portland Tribune.  I mentioned that I hadn’t seen him at any games this season.  From what I understand, he did attend a number of games this year, but our paths just didn’t cross.

I want to apologize if my initial comment was taken as a slam on Jason or the Portland Tribune.  It was not intended that way and I appreciate all that they do in their coverage of the Portland Winter Hawks.



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